PD Dr. Andreas Haupt

I’m a sociologist working at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. My research concerns reasons and consequences of economic inequality in modern societies. I published work about the relations of occupations to wage inequality, income richness, changes for low-income households, poverty, and the gender wage gap. More recent work concerns how to apply distributional methods properly.

  • Occupations & Labor Markets
  • Gender specific inequalities
  • Economic inequality
  • Families and Couples
  • Distributional Methods
  • Habilitation in Sociology, 2021

    Karlsruhe Institue of Technology

  • Dr. phil in Sociology, 2014

    Karlsruhe Institue of Technology

  • M.A. Sociology, Philosophy, Linguistics, 2008

    Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena


Assistant Professor (Akademischer Oberrat)
April 2023 – Present Germany
Interim Professor for Sociology
April 2019 – March 2020 Germany
I taught principles of empirical social science, quantitative methods and held seminars about social problems, gender inequality, and social policy.
Interim Professor for Empirical Social Science
April 2018 – September 2018
I held a lecture about descriptive and multivariate statistics and a lecture about special problems of quantitative empirical social science. Furthermore, I teached seminars about globalization and comparative social science.
Research Group Leader
April 2015 – January 2019 Germany
Projects: 1) Explaining poverty changes in the USA and Germany (BW-Fundation); 2) Wage inequality and social closure (DFG); 3) Gender-specific positions and wage inequality (MWK-BW & KIT); 4) Explaining long-term trends in couples’ relative earnings in Germany (BW-Fundation)


Occupations and inequality
One of my core questions is how occupations and inequality are related. I study the influence of occupational regulations on economic inequality, on gender-specific inequalities and how changes in the occupational structure of countries contribute to inequality trends.
Cognitive Labor and the mental load
How do couples divide cognitive labor within the household? Which consequences has cognitive labor and its unequal division for men and women? How can we meassure elusive concepts like “cognitive labor” or “mental load”?

Recent Publications

(2023). Who profits from occupational licensing?. American Sociological Review.

Code DOI

(2023). Quantile Regression Estimands and Models: Revisiting the Motherhood Wage Penalty Debate. European Sociolocigal Review.